Kurt Cobain. 1967-1994. Retrospective essay “The Ghost Of Saint Kurt,” Spin, 2004.


TEC-9s, Tumblr, and 808s: An ethnography of genre. NYLON Guys.

Beck’s Way-Back Machine

A chat with Beck on the release of his new album The Beck Reader Songbook, which worm-holed past Old-School to pop before recorded sound. Nylon Guys.

Weezy On Ice


A visit with Lil Wayne, then the biggest rap star in the world, three weeks shy of his date with the pen.

Band of Outsiders

The saga of Rush, rock’s most loathed and beloved band. Rolling Stone.

Triumph of the will.

Ecce Pea: Pop visionary? New-media prophet? Harbinger of doom? A long, strange journey into the mind of 

Roger, Wilco


How Jeff Tweedy‘s life was saved by rock’n’roll, and vice versa. Maxim.

Real Horror Show


One from the crates on our friend Eminem, in honor of his recent MMLP2. The Spin piece is from 2000, when fears of the Y2K bugs lingered and pundits could dread a rapping Enemy Within.

Gourd of the Dance


James Murphy: disco poet, dance Situationist, party technician at work. Rolling Stone.

Lou Reed, 1942-2014

photo: Andy Warhol

photo: Andy Warhol

From my brief interview with this walking incarnation of New York City, many year ago, for New York:. “When you listened to an album on vinyl, it stopped halfway through. I don’t know anyone who’d say, ‘Whoo! Boy!’ and run across the room to flip it over. You went and had a cigarette, had a beer, joined the Army, and then played the second half.” Between side A and side B was a lifetime.

House of Shane


photo: Andrew Catlin

Up close and wasted with the Pogues’ then-exiled Shane MacGowan, leader of the Popes, London pub’s artist in residence. 1995.

Hollywood Folksinger Freak


Beck, on the release of Midnite Vultures. Way back in the day. Spin.


 Rizzle Me This…

Who_Let_The_Dogg_In copy

At home and in studio with America’s favorite ex-con, occasional Crip, and supreme vocal stylist, the ever charming and elusive Snoop Dogg. (See also: Talese’s “Frank Sinatra Has A Cold”). GQ.

Rhythm and Clues

imgSteve Burns4

The post-Blues Clues Steve Burns. A tale of TV, psychedelia, rock’n’roll, and the host of the biggest children’s show of all time. Spin.

One On One


Surviving the 1980s, with Daryl Hall, blue-eyed soul of Hall & Oates. New York.

Swami Rock


An audience with his rocking-ness Rick Rubin. Blender.

They’re the Top!


They’re the Coliseum, the Louvre Museum, a melody from a symphony by Strauss: The ZZ Top Moment, revisited. Blender.

The Power of Owww


Cameo singer has got a weird thing to show you in “Word Up.” From “Best Song Ever,” Blender.