Hitting Bottom

Behind the scenes at Celebrity Rehab, where Dr. Drew Pinsky, Recovery Counselor Bob Forrest and an occupying army of videographers give semi-famous subjects a Cure that may be part of the Disease. New York Times Magazine, Dec. 2009.

Bernie Mac Smacks A Nerve


Visiting Chicago’s King of the Human Comedy, Bernie Mac. New York Times Magazine, May, 2002.

The Curious Jeff Goldblum

by Hanoch Piven

Getting that Jeff Goldblum feeling. Hemispheres, 2019.

 Dafoe Van Gogh






Willem Dafoe as Vincent Van Gogh, in Julian Schnabel’s At Eternity’s Gate. Hemispheres, December, 2018.


Mystery Kate

















Kate McKinnon: Your weapons are useless against her. American Way, 2017.


Sonata For A Comeback Kid










Joao Carlos Martins (photo: Marcio De Assis). Bach, tragedy, and  resurrection: the miraculous saga of a world-famous concert pianist. New York magazine, 1996.




Children and fools speak true (Endymion, 1588)  So does American TV giant Norman Lear. With me. By phone. Hemispheres, 2016


The Heavy


Is Michael Shannon (above) the greatest American actor of his generation? (A rhetorical question.) Rhapsody, 2016


Blind Ambition


Erik Weihenmayer (above, below) has climbed Mount Everest, raced on the Moroccan desert, and is about to kayak the Grand Canyon’s deadliest rapids—all without being able to see. Mens Journal, August, 2014.



Sexy Beast

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 1.03.01 PM

How Peter Dinklage’s animal magnetism made him Hollywood’s most unlikely leading man. Rolling Stone.


Grateful Undead


How “sudden cardiac death”—and subsequent shocking onstage episodes—gave a punk singer a new lease on life. New York, 


Up From Hogwarts


Knocking around New York with England’s richest teenage superstar: Daniel Radcliffe prepares to leave Harry Potter and become a mere mortal.

radcliffe copy


Golden Years


This photo was taken in 1999, the year I interviewed this man for Spin, when he was a few years older than I am now, and many decades wiser. On why he steered away from electronica for his album, hours…, originally written for a video game: “The future is not only going to be about hard-edged people with metal faces. There will be broken hearts in the future.” David Bowie. (1947-2016).



Jude, A Dude

Jude Law2


Standing beside an egregiously beautiful man.




Original Selfie


A mystery wrapped in a thong cast in a reality show called Tila Tequila.



Jessica Simpson. An encounter.



Oh Noé Didn’t!


Talking sex, death, DMT, and aspect ratio—over coffee with Gaspar Noe.